Friday, May 01, 2009

Kliptown, Social Sites, pieces of a group effort...

Justin Otten 2009.

Kliptown... Changes over the past few years...




Justin Otten 2009.

Kliptown, Initial Site Impressions...

Groupwork - Justin Otten 2009

The Years Initial "Germ of an Idea" Project...

Justin Otten 2009.

Natural Infiltration... explained

Natural Infiltration

This System mapped potential pedestrian routes through the railway tracks and shunting yards which create an expansive void within the JHB inner city fabric, spanning between Newtown and Braamfontein.

These routes where consolidated into a suspended sky-bridge network which would provide services and most importantly access to a host of recreational activities without destroying the existing underlying rail network.

These urban functions would be ever evolving to the areas requirements. Libraries, Media Centers, Internet Cafes, Cinemas, Theatres, Urban Action Sports, Restaurants and Relaxation facilities, would plug into this new network, allowing the public to re-imagine this once inaccessible space, within their own city.

A new urban environment would spawn from this initial system, growing and learning from its surrounds, taking on an ever changing character of its own.

Justin Otten 2009.