Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Johannesburg Jewelry Expo Centre on Top Star

Most of the structure is underground, and punchs out of the mine dump to find light.

Justin Otten 2007

Johannesburg Jewelry Expo Centre on Top Star

monument/ underground expo

entrance view of undeground first underground hall

customer relation deck looking north/west over booysens

conference centre on left and jewelry production college on right

view from below, where one would park, looking up at the conference/jewelry production structures

Justin Otten 2006

Monday, March 05, 2007

View from Top Star Drive-in

The top star drive in situated just south of Johannesburg, it will be the site for the Des Baker competition entry.
The brief is all about the "in between
". The site is perfectly sited in between the city with views to many important buildings and places within Johannesburg. The 'top star' Mine dump is one of the few artificial hills still existing in the area. The old Dumps are being re-processed, to collect gold from the old excavated rock and soil. The high gold price and new processing methods have made this possible. The top star drive-in is next on the chopping block. It stopped screening movies last June. An attempt to find a use for this landmark will be attempted for the des baker competition.
Justin Otten 2007.