Thursday, June 15, 2006


This was created while playing around with my new Stylus. Everyone should have one.
This took maybe... I don't know 3 and a half minutes to do, using corel draw.
But is it ART?
More on my image blog...
Justin Otten 2006.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Munich Stadium

Stadion München
The originally planned reconstruction of the Olympic Stadium was rejected after a local referendum voted in favour of a new, purpose-built football stadium in München.

Population: 1.3 million
FIFA World Cup Stadium Munich
Project: New stadium
Investment: approx 280 million Euro
Gross Capacity:
Total Seating Capacity: 59,416 (*)
  • Group stage: 52,782
  • Round of sixteen: 52,636
  • Semi-finals: 52,090
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Berlin Stadium

Originally designed by architect Werner March and built between 1934-36 for around 42 million Reichsmark, American sprinter Jesse Owens won four gold medals here at the Olympic Games in 1936.

Population: 3.39 million
Stadium: Olympiastadion
Project: Reconstruction
Investment: 242 million Euro

Gross Capacity: 74,220
Total Seating Capacity: 66,021 (*)
Purchasable Ticket Capacity (**)
  • Group stage: 56,358
  • Quarter-finals: 56,316
  • Final: 55,562
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Thanks for finding this...

Very entertaining stuff. Worth looking at if you haven't already, Actually even if you have sure you won't mind it again.

Lakeside retreat

Just a quick sketch up model used to check the proportions when i changed some of the windows and ceiling heights while drawing.
Wanted to make sure i was solving a problem instead of creating another two.
Have since completed 1:50 drawings of the residence.
Looked at Schindlers Proportional Grid and simplified it to 600mm squares used in elevation and plan. Works nicely.
Will use it again.

Justin Otten 2006