Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An answer to a question.

  • So whats South African Architecture? What does it look like. Is it gonna be yet another style to place ideas into? I believe every situation is different.
  • The bad will have to live with the good since it was there first.
  • Even if South Africa has been scared by the Buildings already built, they aren't simply gonna dissapear. People aren't simply gonna move out of there tuscan villas because the architects say so. Same as people won't stop smoking even if doctors and surgeons say so.
  • Changes are on the way. They always are.
  • We going to have to try and fix S.A architecture one structure at a time, Respect our own knowledge and proffesional opinion and sell it to the public. If architects are proffesionals they should stop getting influenced so easily by the client.
  • The interesting thing with architecture is that it is impossible to find the perfect design. Some architects have come close, and others have fallen well short. Medicine assumes it knows whats going on. Yet medicine is evolving just as quickly as everything else. Just look at all the clumsy studies on nutrition carried out. Milks bad, then good, then bad again. In three hundred years time our doctors will seem backward in there understandings and techniques.
  • Architecture has the advantage of being more timeless, because its lessons and mistakes are on display and not in a book stored away from the public eye.Every logical person who shows enough interest can get an understanding of what works and what doesn't.
  • Proffesionals should never become to arrogant because we don't know everything and can't forsee the future. New lessons are learnt every day.
  • We can only look forward and try and make the future as we want it to be. Human nature is to try and improve.
  • We can step back and look at this again in twenty years after we've all worked hard to try and improve the world one small step at a time.
Justin Otten 2006

The Pinfold House

Building Modelled in Revit and sent to Sketchup where I played with it some more. The Revit Sheet on my computer blog. Enjoy

Justin Otten 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lake Pleasant Model

Justin Otten 2006

Sketchup Lake Pleasant Design

The humble begginings of my sketchup model. Textures taken from a 3ds max library. The idea is to use sketchup to figure out where the structure goes. Been using a physical real life model, but changing it every time takes up too much time... Enjoy.

Justin Otten 2006